The Rogans and Their Legacy

      The Rogans of Sumner County are remembered for their history that parallels European settlement in Tennessee and contributions to the state's history and culture even to the present day. The descendents of Hugh and Nancy, including the twentieth century generations and those descended from Rogana slaves, are part of the enduring Rogan legacy.

      In County Tyrone, Rogans continue to live in the same area they have occupied for centuries. The interpretation of their story of migration through the reconstructed Francis Rogan House in the nearby Ulster-American Folk Park, just miles from where Hugh, Nancy, and Bernard were born, brings the Rogan family's story full circle.

John Rogan and Caneta Skelley Hankins
Representing the Rogans in County Tyrone is John Rogan and his family. The view from his home overlooking the valley of Glentown (below) is spectacular. Caneta Skelley Hankins visited Mr. Rogan in 2008.
View of valley of Glentown from John Rogan's Home

Memorial to the Rogan family at Doneloop Chapel near Clady Rogan Memorial
A memorial to the Rogan family is part of the churchyard at Doneloop Chapel, near Clady, Northern Ireland.
Rogan Memorial at Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park
This monument to Hugh Rogan is located at Bledsoe's Fort Historical Park, Sumner County, Tennessee.