Partnership Projects Database

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Tennessee 2016

Tennessee FFA: Tradition and Transformation

TN Williamson Franklin 12/2016

Franklin Flower and Gift Shop Site Documentation Report 

Tennessee McMinn 2007

Niota Train Depot Preservation Needs Report

Tennessee Lewis Hohenwald 2004

Historical and Architectural Survey of South Maple and South Park Streets

Tennessee 2015

Historic African American Schools of West Tennessee: A Driving Tour

Tennessee Rutherford 2016

The Country All Around Was Laid Desolate: Rutherford County’s Civil War Battles

Tennessee Rutherford Murfreesboro 2015

The Hub of a Wheel: A Brief Guide to Murfreesboro’s Past

MO Crawford 2016

Snelson-Brinker Historic Structure Report

TN Haywood Stanton 2016

Stanton Presbyterian Church Preservation Plan

TN Sumner 2012

Cragfont Historic Structure Report

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