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Amy Kostine is the Trail of Tears Project Historian at the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University. The National Park Service has partnered with the Center to survey, document, and assess all historic buildings and structures associated with the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Kostine serves as the historian on this project and works closely with the National Park Service, State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, the Trail of Tears Association, and interested individuals and organizations throughout the nine states the historic trail traverses.

Kostine, a native of Syracuse, New York, received her A.S. in photography from Onondaga Community College and her B.A. in history from Le Moyne College. She received her M.A. in history with a concentration in public history from Middle Tennessee State University. Her thesis entitled "Rediscovering Lost Stories: Landmarking Trail of Tears Sites in East Tennessee" explores the sites, stories, and interpretation of the Trail of Tears in East Tennessee, focusing on the Fort Cass and Ross’s Landing emigration depots and internment camps. Her research interests include American Indian history and the history of photography. 
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