Nashville Architecture Book Published by CHP Director Dr. Carroll Van West

WestCvr72Nashville Architecture: A Guide to the City, recently published by the University of Tennessee Press, documents the city’s architectural transformation over two centuries. Written by Dr. Carroll Van West, this CHP collaboration with the Metro Historical Commission of Nashville and Davidson County and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Middle Tennessee represents years of research with former students and colleagues, including Tara Mielnik, Anne-Leslie Owens, Laura Rost, Scarlett Miles, Blythe Semmer, Jeanne Holder, Margaret Slater, Ophelia Payne, and others. Highlighting the city’s magnificent landmarks, the book also reflects lesser-known but equally beloved sites, including banks, post offices, schools, and churches. More than 250 diverse properties are documented through history and photographs, making Nashville Architecture a valuable resource for both scholars and visitors. Underscoring the guide’s importance as Nashville continues to grow, West hopes “that the landmarks found here remain part of Nashville’s tapestry for decades to come.”

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