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the Center for Historic Preservation


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Krystal MarinKrystal Marin is the acting secretary for the Center, filling in while Alex McMahan is on maternity leave. Krystal graduated from MTSU summa cum laude in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and minors in Spanish and Religious Studies. While an undergraduate, she was the vice president of MTSU’s Religious Studies Association and enjoyed interacting with her fellow students about how religious topics are discussed, interpreted, and analyzed in the modern era. During her final semester, Krystal interned at the Center and researched the relationship between Tennessee’s agricultural and religious landscape during the nineteenth to twentieth centuries using the records of the Tennessee Century Farms Program.

Krystal’s research interests include American religious history, specifically Tennessee’s religious history during the Second Great Awakening. Originally from California, Krystal enjoys Tennessee’s local history, culture, hospitality, and other social customs. She also enjoys spending quality time with her parents, siblings, and her family pets, as well as kickboxing and other cardio-focused training.

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