Century Farm Applicants


 The Tennessee Century Farms Program, created in 1975 by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as part of our nation’s bicentennial celebration, recognizes and documents Tennessee agricultural heritage.

To apply to the Century Farms program, please download the application. After downloading and saving the application to your computer, you can fill it out, prCentFarmSignint it and send it in the mail to the address below. There are three application deadlines annually: February 1, June 1, and October 1. You are welcome to submit your complete application at any time throughout the year but please know it will be processed in the weeks following these deadlines.

You may request an application
packet by contacting:

Center for Historic Preservation
Century Farms Program
Box 80, MTSU
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

or download it here.

Phone: 615/898-2947
Fax: 615/898-5614

The application must include the founder’s name and a founding date which you must be able to prove by deed, census record, family papers, or other legal documentation.  Beginning with the founder, you will be asked to list the generations of ownership of the farm through the family to the present day owner.  The application also has space for you to recount such information as crops, family stories, involvement in agricultural, civic and community activities and organizations, and the like.  The application must be notarized and also signed by the county agent or county historian.


Please visit the Tennessee Century Farms website for frequently asked questions

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