Theses and Dissertations

The following list of theses and dissertations were completed under the guidance of the staff at the Center for Historic Preservation.

iconTheses and dissertations at the MTSU James E. Walker Library.

Full text for many theses and dissertations is available online for those with university library access, with new publications being added every semester.


Publication TitleYear PublishedFull NamePublication Type
Cedars of Lebanon State Park: a Preservation Plan 1999

Ginger Ramsey

Ashwood: The Polks and the Pillows 1992

Richard Hilary Quinn

Gold Rush in the Gilded Age: the Road to the Klondike Gold Rush 1897-1898 2001

Gregory D. Phillipy

Victorian Residential Architecture in New York, Michigan, Kentucky, and San Francisco, California 1979

Susan Elizabeth Perkins

Early North Carolina Migrations Into the Tennessee Country, 1768-1782: A Study in Historical Demography 1969

James Harrison Pauley

Columbus, Mississippi: An Architectural History, 1817-1866 1983

Kenneth H. P’Pool

The Decorative Painting Tradition in Tennessee Interiors: 1830-1890 1995

Anne-Leslie Owens

Interpreting the Frontier Slave Experience: Slavery at Blount Mansion, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1792-1800 1993

Anna Lisa Norwood Oakley

Gender, Politics, and Power: The Development of the Ladies Rest Room and Lounge in Rural America, 1900-1945 2013

Katherine Merzbacher O’Bryan

The Civilian Conservation Corps and Tennessee State Parks: 1933-1942 1994

Ruth D. Nichols


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