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The oil landscape of Montana.

Montana’s oil landscape was featured in a recent blog post.

Center staff and students work on a broad array of projects in numerous locales throughout the year. To highlight and share this work, the CHP offers two blogs: Revisiting Montana’s Historic Landscapes: 30 Years in Big Sky Country and Southern Rambles: With the Center for Historic Preservation

Revisiting Montana’s Historic Landscapes shares the decades of work that CHP director Dr. Carroll Van West has done documenting the Montana landscape. This blog is the Center’s most-visited digital platform and exemplifies the national scope of the CHP’s work.

Southern Rambles features articles from staff and students on current projects or research interests and is celebrating its third anniversary this month.  Be sure to check out Dr. Antoinette van Zelm’s entry “Rambling On” which reflects on some of our most popular posts since the blog’s inception.

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