Fieldwork Coordinator Position

The Center for Historic Preservation is searching for a new fieldwork coordinator, a key staff member who gets to work on great projects and interact with graduate students regularly. The position description is available at and is also copied below. Please call us at 615-898-2947 if you need more information.

Coordinator – Center for Historic Preservation
Job Description: Reporting to the Director of Center for Historic Preservation: support
the Center’s mission of research, instruction, and public service through four areas: (1)
Manage and carry out research and public service projects for the documentation,
restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic properties, (2) work and
supervise graduate students on research and fieldwork projects under the guidance of
the Center director, (3) coordinate Center’s research with digital initiative partnerships
both on and off campus, and (4) serve as liaison with IT staff on the needs and products
of staff and student research and public service projects. Perform other related special
projects as assigned.
Knowledge: Project management and supervision. Graduate student project
management and coordination. Historic Preservation field, literature, practices. Historic
building technology, architectural history and architectural conservation. Digital
publication, microcomputer applications and software.
Abilities: Establish and maintain effective working relations with diverse constituencies.
Effective interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. Represent CHP & MTSU.
Effectively coordinate multiple projects, contracts, agencies/organizations, publications,
vendors and staff. Research, analyze and draw conclusions and produce products
based on primary sources, fieldwork, and experience. Analyze historic buildings and
finishes, draw conclusions from research and fieldwork findings, and prepare print and
digital products. Prepare materials for digital publication and/or dissemination.
Effectively use and train others on microcomputer software for preservation fieldwork
and research.
Education: Master’s degree in history, historic preservation, public history, museum
studies or related field.
Required Experience: Three (3) years full time experience in historic preservation or a
related field including working experience with historical/legal research, historic
structures reports, cultural resource survey, heritage development studies, public
programming, graduate student instruction, digital publication, and microcomputer
applications in historic preservation.
Salary Range: $31,965 – $39,370; commensurate with experience
Closing Date: April 20, 2017
Apply On-line:
This position requires a criminal background check. Therefore, you may be required to
provide information about your criminal history in order to be considered for this

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