TPS Civil Rights Fellowship

Teaching with Primary Sources—MTSU is partnering with the TPS programs at Mars Hill University and the University of South Carolina for the TPS Civil Rights Fellowship. This fellowship will include a selected cohort of 18 educators (6 from each state). Over the course of one and half years, the cohort will study various aspects of the long struggle for civil rights, including the history and repercussions of slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction era, the Jim Crow period, and the modern Civil Rights movement. The final phase of this fellowship will involve a mini-conference
in which the fellowship cohort will present for other teachers and learn from expert educators about other topics related to civil rights. Fellowship participants will be compensated for their time and energy.

Goals for educators:
• Improve content knowledge related to the long struggle for Civil Rights in America
• Develop confidence teaching about difficult historical topics
• Create and implement model lesson plans using primary sources
• Gain confidence presenting professional development for other educators
• Develop a regional support system of educators within the cohort

Participants will be selected in pairs using an application process. Preference will be given to pairs that include an experienced TPS participant and a participant who is new to the program or has limited experience. The fellowship is also interested in partnerships that include a classroom teacher partnered with a librarian. Click here to download the application. Applications must be submitted by November 1st. If you are interested and have questions, please e-mail Kira Duke. Image from Harper’s Weekly, Nov. 16, 1867, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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