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Kira DukeKira Duke is the educational specialist for Teaching with Primary Sources-Middle Tennesse State University, a project of the Library of Congress. This program seeks to teach educators how to utilize the resources of the Library of Congress and promote effective teaching strategies for utilizing primary sources in the classroom.

Duke received her B.A. in history at Rhodes College in Memphis. During her junior year, Duke participated in the European Studies program and studied Renaissance Art and History throughout western European. Duke completed her M.A. in history at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her thesis entitled “To Disturb the People as Little as Possible: the Desegregation of Memphis City Schools” explored how school desegregation unfolded in the Memphis City School system.

Duke, a native of Chestnut Mound, worked for 4 ½ years at the National Civil Rights Museum as Education Programs Manager. She served as Vice Chair of the Gandhi King Conference on Peacemaking for three years, partnered with Snowden Middle School on a “Save Our History” grant that received national honors, and in general worked to expand the educational offerings of the museum.