Theses and Dissertations

The following list of theses and dissertations were completed under the guidance of the staff at the Center for Historic Preservation.

iconTheses and dissertations at the MTSU James E. Walker Library.

Full text for many theses and dissertations is available online for those with university library access, with new publications being added every semester.


Publication TitleYear PublishedFull NamePublication Type
A Historic Preservation Plan for Salem, West Virginia 1995

Timothy G. Zinn

An Institutional History of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works and Sarasota County, Florida 1933-1939 1995

S. Dawn Wise

Richard City, Tennessee: Home, Community, and Paternalism in a Southern Company Town, 1900-1985 2003

Kelly Wilkerson

Promoting the Tennessee Historic Site 1989

Stephen Kent Whitworth

Hawthorn Hill: Vernacular Architecture in the Tennessee Back Country 2013

Jessica Lauren White

Vision and Reality: TVA's Recreation Demonstration Program, 1933-1942 2002

Stacy L. Weber

The St. Augustine Historic Preservation Plan: A Case Study of the Preparation and Merits of a Preservation Plan 1986

Phillip L. Walker

Collective Violence in American History: The Revolutionary Era, 1763-1794 1973

Richard G. Tune

Development of Cultural Tourism in Cherokee, North Carolina 2008

Ashley Falls Tate

Finding Freedom at Grand Junction, Tennessee: Ulysses S. Grant, Chaplain John Eaton, Jr., and the 'Contrabands' 2011

Cheri LaFlamme Szcodronski


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