Theses and Dissertations

The following list of theses and dissertations were completed under the guidance of the staff at the Center for Historic Preservation.

iconTheses and dissertations at the MTSU James E. Walker Library.

Full text for many theses and dissertations is available online for those with university library access, with new publications being added every semester.


Publication TitleYear PublishedFull NamePublication Type
Onward Southern Soldiers: a Study of the Connection Between Religion and the Southern Soldier in the Army of the Tennessee Confederate States of America 2003

Traci A. Nichols

Time and Place: The Evolution and History of Raleigh's Century Station Federal Building as a Study in Decision Making and Use of Federal Dollars 2013

Sarah Jane Murray

Documenting and Interpreting the Historic Resources at the John J. Tyler Arboretum with Recommendations for Future Use and Educational Development 1982

Timothy John Mullin

From Aesthetics to Artifacts: Approaches to the Interpretation of African American Material Culture 2001

Elizabeth Moser

Fanny Battle, From Spy to Samaritan: a Private Woman in Public Places 2003

Nancy Adgent Morgan

The Paxton Rebellion 1973

Peggy Jeanine Moore

'For the Mutual Betterment of Civic Beauty and Service': Building the Nashville Fire Department, 1860-1966 2012

Scarlett C. Miles

The Best Thing That Ever Happened: The Civilian Conservation Corps and South Carolina's State Park System 2007

Tara Mitchell Mielnik

Centennial Park, Nashville: The Evolution of Urban Parks as Civic Public Space, 1897-1970 2009

Katherine M. Merzbacher

Quartermaster General of the United States Army, 1775-1783 1973

Melvin Douglas Meador


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